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Pagico 9 June Update: Personalize with colors!

The pleasantness of your work environment is critical to your productivity. That’s why we’ve always heavily focused on the UI design of Pagico. Starting with Pagico 9.10 Update 2, you’ll now be able to take the already elegant UI to the next level — make it your own.

Introducing Customizable Color Scheme

Customizing the look and feel of Pagico

Simply pick a color of your choice, and enjoy the various levels of hue throughout Pagico! This color choice option is located in your Preferences section, but please note that only the customizable color choice only applies to the Light UI scheme.

When you can work in an environment that you love, accomplishing more gets a little easier.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the placement of task bars on timelines may be off in certain situations
  • Improved data sync reliability when sharing new projects to teams
  • Minor UI adjustments


This feature is already available in the latest version of Pagico 9.10! Head over to our Downloads section to grab it.