Pagico 7 Release Notes

Pagico for Desktop 6 is now officially available for Mac, Windows and Ubuntu

Pagico for Desktop 6 is now available

Pagico for Desktop 6 is finally here! After almost a year of development and months of testing, Pagico for Desktop version 6 is the best desktop app we’ve ever offered. It’s faster, more powerful, more polished, better on the eyes, and yet it’s user friendly and actually, even easier to use than before.


Just in case you missed our sneak previews before, Pagico for Desktop 6 has the following highlights:

  • Optimized for Retina Display
  • Link Helper (helps you assign tasks to projects or contacts with one click)
  • Brand-new Collection feature (including new Smart Collections based on tags, i.e. Context in GTD)
  • Greatly enhanced Contacts module (now with profile images)
  • Major performance improvement
  • Much improved Workspaces functionalities
  • Comments — discuss¬†with your team on any object
  • Brand-new “Linked Items” section (previously known as References)
  • Ultra-fast search engine (search as-you-type)
  • Much improved printing capability
  • Usability improvements
  • Much more polished UI
  • And many more!

Want to see more about Pagico for Desktop 6? Be sure to check out the v6 product page.


Pagico for Desktop 6 is now available for Mac, Windows and Ubuntu. Don’t wait any longer — go ahead and download to try it out! Detailed system requirements are listed on the download page as well. For those that are impatient — Pagico supports all major OSes, including Mac OS X 10.5+, Windows XP/Vista/7, and Ubuntu 12.04/12.10, with 32-bit and 64-bit support for these platforms.

Have questions?

Along with this major update, we also did major work on our website as well. There’s the brand-new feature tour that showcases a number of features of the new v6, as well as the online help that is still being updated to provide most up-to-date info. If you still have questions, be sure to drop us a line: support[at]pagico[dot]com and we’ll be more than happy to help out!

Special Thanks

Last but definitely not least, we’d like to give special credit to our volunteers and beta testers. Many thanks to our volunteers, we are able to offer Pagico in 6 additional languages — from French to Italian, from Dutch to Spanish. And thanks to our beta testers who provided us lots of feedback, we were able to address lots of annoying issues that were hard to detect only by our hands. So once again, MANY thanks to all of you who contributed tremendously to this project. We really appreciate all your input and support!

That’s it for now, and hope you’ll enjoy our latest creation!

Pagico Team