Pagico for Desktop 6, Nicely Reviewed

It’s been almost a week since Pagico for Desktop 6 has launched on all major operating systems, and the reception has been overwhelmingly good!! This is by far our best product launch ever — and we are extremely grateful for the warm reception and all the positive comments from you guys. So, THANK YOU for all your inputs! We really, really do appreciate it. We wouldn’t be here without you helping us spread the word about our products.

Now, the words are reaching a few technical writers as well, one of them being an Australian technical writer, also our good friend who is by the name of PurpleZenGoat. We were lucky enough to have him taking a look at Pagico for Desktop 6, and he came up with a nicely written article about it, praising many of the changes we made. Here’s some excerpt from the article:

Pagico version 6 for desktops is a balanced upgrade that retains and strengthens the key features of version 5 while adding new functionality and refining the user interface.

The latest upgrade to Pagico’s desktop version strengthens an already impressive suite that includes stylish and well–designed mobile versions for the iPhone and the iPad. Pagico 6 shares a number of key features, such as flexibility, email and Evernote integration with industry leaders such as Omnifocus. It adds to that calendar integration, strong collaboration and contact management functionality, the capacity to cross–link information and to attach a broad range of file formats.

You can read the full article here.

Needless to say, we’re thrilled to see that people like our products. Want to make Ryo and Meng happier? Help us and write a review on your favorite tech/download site (such as this one)!