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Pagico for Desktop 6 r1409 is now available for Mac and Windows

A new revision (r1395 r1396 r1400 r1405 r1406 r1409) of Pagico for Desktop 6 is now available for Mac and Windows! This is our first second minor update to P6 since its launch on February 20, and this revision contains a few minor bug fixes compared to the launch revision (r1392):

  • In r1409: The hotkey panel of Pagico Helper on Mac now has proper background color
  • Corrected a minor issue in the cloud sync algorithm
  • In r1406: Moving flowchart bars will no longer affect the task’s┬átime setting
  • Dragging & dropping items will trigger proper window scroll
  • Comments can now be deleted by the authors
  • In r1405: You can now delete tasks from the Dashboard screen
  • Fixed a bug that inbox items couldn’t be deleted in certain circumstances
  • Fixed a bug that tasks shown in sidebars are not updated properly in some cases
  • User experience improvement in the Preferences section
  • In r1399: Making repeating tasks is easier than ever.
  • Fixed a print panel issue on Windows
  • Fixed a bug that the Inbox task counter may show incorrect info
  • Improved the list info display when the list is folded
  • Improved QuickLook previewing for webpage bookmarks on Mac
  • Fixed the note/list creation problem introduced in r1395

You can grab this update at the download page.

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