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Pagico Mobile 7.5 for iOS and Android

Greetings everyone! Today we are excited to announce the release of Pagico Mobile v7.5 for iOS and Android. Want to get it right away? Just head to the AppStore and download! It’s a free download for all Pagico users. But please read on to learn all about this new release!

UPDATE on August 11: Pagico Mobile 7.5 is now available for both iOS and Android. Look for it on the iOS AppStore or Google PlayStore.

Overhauled Data Sync

Pagico Mobile 7.5 features an improved data sync engine, which is better all around: it is faster, more informative, and more instant.

Faster Sync

We analyzed the data sync pattern from server-side logs and introduced newer and faster ways to upload and download changes. Instead of the same 6-stage data sync cycle for all sync sessions, simple changes made in the iOS app take only 1 step to complete, reducing the average sync session duration from 10 seconds to just 2 seconds. For retrieving changes made on your desktop app, the mobile app may also take advantage of a newer sync process that completes in just 1 step, reducing the average sync session duration from 10 – 30 seconds down to just 2-3 seconds.

For larger sync sessions, such as the one to download all your data when you first install (or reinstall) Pagico Mobile, we designed a new data sync method to dramatically cut down the time needed for a complete sync. Previously Pagico Mobile would sync 200 items at a time (in order to keep the sync session time down at a reasonable amount) and continuously sync until everything is up to date. But if your Personal Cloud has thousands of items (normal for most users), it could potentially take forever to fully sync. With our newly implemented sync method, Pagico Mobile can grab everything (yes, everything) in one shot and within just a few minutes. We did tests with an 8,000-item Personal Cloud and the mobile app completed syncing in under 5 minutes.

More Informative

In certain cases, there are just more data to sync. For example, when installing (or reinstalling) Pagico on your mobile device, or when you are part of multiple teams in addition to your Inbox and Personal Cloud. Pagico Mobile 7.5 features a new sync status panel that gives you more information about the sync cycles so you know what is happening under the hood. This panel is especially helpful when larger amounts of data is involved, and it takes the guess work out of the equation.

More Instant

Previously Pagico Mobile has a sync delay that aims to group multiple changes in each sync cycle. With Pagico Mobile 7.5, we reduced this delay to a minimum so all changes would trigger instantaneous sync cycles. On the one hand, it may consume a bit more energy (both on your device and on our servers), but the benefit is that sync is triggered much faster, and you’ll see the changes on your desktop much sooner than before. The same thing applies to downstream changes, too. If changes are detected when Pagico Mobile is active, it’ll pull the changes and render the new data as soon as possible. This reduction in sync delay is also critically important for mobile device users, as you can now make some changes (such as marking off a task), let Pagico sync right away, then immediately lock your screen (or switch to another app).

Dark Mode Support

You asked, and we listened! Pagico Mobile now automatically renders its UI based on the light/dark mode of your iOS system.

Custom List Sorting

List sorting modes are respected. You can sort lists by title (alphabetically), due date, or category. The list sorting option is also saved and respected on the desktop side; so you will always get the same list presentation.

More to Come

There are a lot more to come for the mobile app! We are working on bringing you an experience consistent with the desktop app. Multi-column data display, collections, and a lot more are all in the pipeline. Please stay tuned and do let us know what your thoughts are. We’ll always be listening.

Last but not least – thank you for your patience. We know you’ve been waiting for a solid mobile app update for a while now, and we are working hard to deliver a better mobile experience as soon as we can.