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Sample: Custom Dashboard

Do you own a business? If you manage your business with Pagico, you can create custom dashboards to present information just the way you want. This is a sample of what a custom dashboard might look like.

Creating Your Custom Dashboard

You will be creating a new project in Pagico and name it “Dashboard” (or anything you like). Feel free to use a company banner as the cover image to make the project look pleasant.

Embed a World Clock Widget

If you constantly deal with customers (or colleagues) around the world, then having a world clock would be very helpful. Check out this tutorial on how to do this.

List Frequently Used Web Links

We all have to manage multiple services. Having these URLs saved as web bookmarks saves you lots of time. Imagine getting started with this project first thing in the morning – you can go to any 3rd party service with a single click. How convenient!

Framing Your Data with Smart Lists

If you manage your business in Pagico, you probably have various projects and lots of tasks scattered in these projects. You can use the Smart List feature to collect these data and have them listed in any way you like. Check out this tutorial on how to use the Smart List feature for this purpose.

Create Buttons that Trigger Workflows

Did you know you can speed up routine tasks with the Automated Workflow feature? In your custom dashboard, you can actually create buttons to invoke specific workflows on-demand, turning your dashboard into a headquarter of your business! Check out this tutorial (from the Pagico Workshop 3) on how to do this.