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Workspace capacity upgraded for all users

Happy Monday, everyone! Today we are excited to let you know that we’ve raised the workspace storage capacity for (almost) all tiers with no cost increase. Oh, we’ve upgraded all existing workspaces too because we love you! Read More

U.S. East Coast Workspace Server: Scheduled Maintenance on Oct 23 (All Done)

The U.S. East Coast Workspace server will go down for maintenance shortly. This maintenance should be finished within an hour. During the downtime, data sync in workspaces hosted on the U.S. East Coast server will be interrupted, but will resume automatically as soon as the server is back online.

Update: The server maintenance & upgrade turned out to take (way) more time to complete. But it’s all done now!

Thank you all for your patience!

Pagico 8 is now available for OS X, Windows and Ubuntu


Want to get more done, stay organized, and feel awesome?

Pagico 8 can help! Over 6 months in development and packed with new features and new designs, Pagico 8 continues to be one of the best task planner software for Mac, Windows and Ubuntu. Read More

Pagico Plus 4 is now available for Android handsets

Pagico Plus 4 on Nexus 6PGreetings, everyone!

In anticipation of the upcoming Pagico 8, today we are releasing Pagico Plus 4 to Android handsets. This version brings a redesigned phone app, as well as several minor but important improvements to make it compatible with Pagico 8.

Download Pagico Plus 4 for Android today!

P.S.: Did you know that Pagico Plus 4 is on iOS as well?

Video: Introducing Pagico 8

Pagico 8 is scheduled to arrive on September 30.

Want Pagico v8 licenses for free? Volunteers needed to localize Pagico 8

Would you like to get two Pagico 8 licenses ($100 value) for free? And do you speak English AND one of the languages listed below? If so, we need your help!

Read More

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