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Pagico 7 has arrived!

Get ready to boost your productivity even further with Pagico 7! In case you are not a Pagico user currently — Pagico is all your tasks, notes, files, projects and clients in one elegant package. It combines data organization with task management, and it’s very easy to use. And if you’ve been using Pagico in the past, definitely check out Pagico 7 as well. It’s our best product yet with dozens of highlight improvements.

Watch the video to see the highlights, and read on for more detailed improvements!

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Preview #3: Pagico 7 makes teamwork easier than ever

Pagico 7 is right around the corner! As you know, Pagico 7 is an exciting update to its predecessor. It not only offers lots of improvements for single users, but it’s also greatly optimized towards small teams who need a platform for collaboration and data management. Read on to see how Pagico 7 is so much better at teamwork than its predecessor.

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Preview #2: Pagico 7 works with Evernote, Google Cal, and THOUSANDS more!

Zapier App Directory

Do you use any of these apps? Would you like Pagico to work with any of them and exchange data? Well, Pagico 7 can easily connect to all of these apps. And thousands more!

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Preview #1: Pagico 7 will make you more productive than ever

Pagico 7 LogoPagico 7 is coming on May 5 2015, and it’s going to be an extremely exciting update. It will be the best product we have ever developed, and it is packed with new designs and improvements to help you be more productive than ever. With the redesigned user interface, Pagico 7 is quite pleasant to look at, too! Today, I’d like to share a few highlight features with you. Read on for more details! Read More

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