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Linking to your E-Mail messages, with the help of MailTags

Hi folks, this is just a small hands on tutorial by request, about how to create links to your email messages in Pagico. Read More

Tips for the new data detection feature

Have you played with the new “Data Detection” feature? If not, you might want to take a look at our screencast which was made several days ago.

As this feature is relatively new to everyone, here’s a brief hand-on guide.
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Pagico + Leopard = (unlimited productivity) x 2

Hmm. It’s time to have some fun with leopard. Thanks to the built-in feature of Leopard, you can now make your own dashboard widgets for Pagico in just seconds! You can even play with Pagico without launching it.

Here’s a widget I made for Pagico (yes! for the visualized schedule): Read More

The “two problems” in your data management and see how Pagico can help, Part One

Pagico logoSo, what are the “two problems” resolved (or we’re trying to resolve) by Pagico, regarding to your data management?

Well, in my opinion (which is what Pagico based on) they are: 1) the data “storing” problem, and 2) the data “retrieving” problem.

In this article (maybe more than one) I want to discuss about these two problem with you guys, and would really love to know your opinion.
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Screencast: Use your tag in the GTD way!

Well, with this whole new update, I think implementing GTD in Pagico is easier than ever. You can now use the “@tag” syntax in nearly anywhere — in your tasks, or even text paragraphs.

Therefore we made this screencast, hope you’ll like it. 😉

Sample uses of “Activites” feature in Pagico (UPDATED)

Pagico logo
Hmm, here’s another simple (and detailed) guide about the “Activity” feature in Pagico. This is yet another interesting feature that you might not have seen in other softwares.

Just as other unique features designed in Pagico, this “activity” feature can be used in many ways. In this article, several sample uses will be covered for demonstrative purposes.
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A detailed tutorial for TagExploré with a real world example (UPDATED)

Pagico logo
Hey folks, as requested by Wade, this is a detailed tutorial in addition to the original TagExploré tutorial article.

In this article, I’ll demonstrate how this feature works with a real example. Yep, just like a case study.

Hope it’ll help, comments are welcomed. 😉
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