Monthly Feature Updates Pagico 9

Collaborate with your partner with the new Partners Service Plan

Today we are excited to introduce the brand-new Partners Service Plan! This is the second service plan that we offer, and it is intended for 2-person teams to seamlessly and affordably collaborate over the Pagico Cloud!

The Partners Service Plan

This is a service plan that brings the following benefits:

  • One extra license for your teammate
  • Free software updates (including major upgrades, too!)
  • Upgraded Personal Cloud for the primary user
  • Unlimited Team workspaces and the Team Dashboard features

How to Use It

To get started, simply log on to your Pagico ID account and sign up for the Partners Service Plan. Then, invite your teammate and create a team to collaborate in. Your teammate will receive his/her own license code as well as instructions to download Pagico and join your team.

Once you are both connected to the same team, you can start collaborating on projects and enjoy all the team features that Pagico offers, including the Team Dashboard, timeline, calendar and of course, team chat!

In addition, you can create/delete the Team workspaces at any time, or revoke the teammate’s license and re-issue it for another person, perfect for short-term dynamic partnerships.

Affordable Cost

The Partners Service Plan has a low-cost of just $4/month (billed every 6 months). This assumes that the primary user already has a Pagico 9 license, and covers everything else, including upgraded Personal Cloud capacity for the primary user, the extra license for the teammate, software updates for the whole team, and unlimited Team workspaces.

Limited Time Offer
Use the promo code BF2020 to get 25%-off at checkout!

The Partners Service Plan is already available. Go check it out in your Pagico ID account portal today!