Pagico + Leopard = (unlimited productivity) x 2

Hmm. It’s time to have some fun with leopard. Thanks to the built-in feature of Leopard, you can now make your own dashboard widgets for Pagico in just seconds! You can even play with Pagico without launching it.

Here’s a widget I made for Pagico (yes! for the visualized schedule): Read More

New release: Now compatible with Leopard, new feature and bug fixes (UPDATED)

Pagico software
Hello everyone, this is going to be a great day! I’m excited to tell you that Pagico (ver. 2.3.1028) can now live on Leopard. All you need to do is, after upgrading to Leopard, download the latest release of Pagico and install. It’s that easy. All your previous data will be preserved.

And, in this release, the new “Data Detection” feature is included as well!
Read More

Final testing on Leopard… new release soon (UPDATED)

Hello folks, I’m sorry to keep you waiting for such a long time… but really, Apple did not release its GM to us before everyone else…

UPDATE: Pagico currently will NOT work on Leopard.
However, we’ve already made the patch and we’re final testing it.

Hopefully tomorrow we’ll release it.

About the upcoming release
This upcoming release will be really exciting as it includes several important improvements mentioned before, such as the “Data Detection” feature.

The “two problems” in your data management and see how Pagico can help, Part One

Pagico logoSo, what are the “two problems” resolved (or we’re trying to resolve) by Pagico, regarding to your data management?

Well, in my opinion (which is what Pagico based on) they are: 1) the data “storing” problem, and 2) the data “retrieving” problem.

In this article (maybe more than one) I want to discuss about these two problem with you guys, and would really love to know your opinion.
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MobileNote – Problem found & fixed!

Hey folks, as most of you may already have found out that the “missing” MobileNotes have finally got in place, sleeping in your “QuickNotes” section.

Well, this was due to a bug (yet, another) in our mail processor. However, there’s an interesting thing that is, some of you are sending notes to both your own email address as well as the mobilenote address.

This is fine, and you can keep doing like this. But, please put the mobilenote address first, and you can have as many other email address as you want, no problem.

So, if you’ve already stopped using MobileNotes because of the bugs before, now it’s the perfect time to give it another try. 🙂

Feedbacks are welcomed.

Special thanks to Hans Kok, who helped me fixing this thing, with … um… tons of MobileNote messages. 😉

Whole new “Data Detection” feature, see it in action!

Pagico logo
Hello everyone! Today I’m gonna tell you about a whole new feature which will be available in Pagico soon. That is, the “data detection” feature, that automatically analyzes and recognizes important information from your data. All the data including phone number, email address, web address, dates and times, and even text-based tasks will be recognized, and you’ll be able to use these data very easily.
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Screencast: Use your tag in the GTD way!

Well, with this whole new update, I think implementing GTD in Pagico is easier than ever. You can now use the “@tag” syntax in nearly anywhere — in your tasks, or even text paragraphs.

Therefore we made this screencast, hope you’ll like it. 😉

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